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SQL Server RAID consideration

SQL Server performance is heavily dependant on access to disks, so basic RAID fundamentals are just as important as other areas when deploying on a SAN. In general the following recommendations are made:

· Log files should always be kept on RAID 1+0.11 If possible also keep data and index files on RAID 1+0, but this can be expensive. Often customers are installing RAID 5, however this is not recommended. RAID 1+0 gives better write performance and availability than RAID 5.

· Microsoft recommends a stripe size of either 64Kb or 256Kb, and further recommends the latter option where index scan ranges are on tables of greater than one hundred megabytes.12 In large installations the Altiris database often contains tables of 100 Mb, so a 256 Kb stripe size is the recommendation. Stripe sizes should never be set below 64Kb, as this is the size of a single SQL extent.

· Because of the heavy use of the TempDB in Altiris, RAID1+0 is the preferred solution for this database. Again, this is a costly solution.

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